Cream Enamel Stove Installation Package


Cream enamel stove installation package includes:

*Cream Enamel 5kw Stove (as picture)

*Sandstone Hearth (as picture)

*Multi Fuel Flue Liner Installed

*New Bricked Chamber (as picture)

*New Solid Oak Beam (as picture)

*Remove Gas Fire & Cap (if required)

*All Building Work

*Opening Up Of Chimney Breast

*Plaster Full Chimney Breast

*Rubbish Removed

*Issue Heats/Building Control Certificate

ONLY £2250.00

The Henley Cambridge 5kw is a multifuel stove manufactured using high quality cast iron and with a traditional design. This model of stove has a high efficiency rating of 80.6%.

All Henley stoves come with a 5 year warranty period. As a rough guide, this stove's output is suitable for a room measuring in the region of 18ft (L) X 17ft (W) X 8ft (H) non-open plan with average insulation properties.

This stove model's benefits include:


  • Advanced air wash system to assist in maintaining the glass window clear of the build up of soot through the use of specially placed vents to draw in air from the outside washing over the front of the glass

  • The option for a rear or top flue outlet

  • Different enamelled colour options available


Henley Stoves have operated within the stove industry for more than 20 years. During this time, they have established themselves as a forward-thinking, innovative company with a mission to revolutionise the stove industry. All Henley stoves are made from premium 8 to 12mm high grade steel, with a solid cast iron door to give a traditional feel; all handles are designed to be cool to touch and made from stainless steel. All steel stove bodies are cut on laser profile CNC machines to ensure they are accurate to 0.5mm tolerance and they only use seamless-welded construction. All multi-fuel grates come with a standard rotary riddle grate mechanism for easy cleaning and de-ashing purposes and fire retainers are made from high chrome silicone cast iron to give longer life.


How to book your installation?

1. Call us on 0151 345 6894 to arrange your "Fast & Free" online survey.

2. Send us the information requested during our call.

3. We check the information provided to make sure you can install a stove in your property.

4. Once we know you can install a stove at your home we can then secure an installation date.

5. Before installation you can call in and visit us at our small showroom to ask any questions you may have.


What is the installation process?

1. Day one we carry out all building works including, Opening up chimney breast, Installing new chamber,

Installing new hearth, Install new oak beam and Remove all rubble/rubbish from site.


2. Day two the chimney breast is plastered and we install the new flue liner and Stove.

We do not take any form of payment until installation is completed. We accept Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Cash.